Crowdfunding:where to go

Imagethe first question that needs o be answered here is what exactly is crowdfunding, what does the teerm mean?. The answer to this is, crowdfunding means to help each other by making donations and giving money to people who need it, it can be for different reasons like needing money to save a business, or to help some people in need or starting a charity to help the community. Crowdfunding is a latest technique and used nowadays by many societies and organizations because it is more effective in today’s internet oriented world. There are many websites that help in crowdfunding and raising money, as they have become the most credible source of giving and taking donations from the people. Some of top crowdfunding sites are:

Kickstarter is without doubt the best crowdfunding website on the internet right now. It has raised some 220$ million from 61,000 projects since its inception. The website has many million followers who are just looking to find the most appropriate and the most deserving project to give their money to. Anyone can list their projects, which can be anything useful but not personal wishes, neither can they be awareness raising campaigns for anything. Each and every project is reviewed by a panel of people who decide whether a project is suitable to be seen by the audience or not. So Kickstarter sits prettily at munber 1 on top crowdfunding sites.

Rockethub is another website with a very unique and eye catching interface which encourages itsusers to donate more money through a “launchpad” and “fuelpad”. The user can upload a project for crowdfunding onto the website, and then the donors or other people can see it and contribute to that particular project, whilst the user can see the progress of the project through the tab. Also there are many prizes for successful projects on the launchpad which go from photography exhibitions to     outreach campaigns with some of the best marketers in the field. So it is number 2 on the top crowdfunding sites.

Razoo is a little different than the other websites on this list. It focuses mainly on causes and not on personal projects, but it does not neglect personal needs of the people. It has separate sections for everything, ranging from organizational fundraising to personal fundraising, but it encourages the charitable causes whereby lots of people may have a chance of getting the fruit of the efforts of the donors. So far since the start of the website, it has raised nearly $97 million for various causes and projects.

Crowdrise is a forum to raise funds for problems at a global scale rather than personal problems. It describes itself as the perfect platform for people to raise money for the world. It helps in the charitable fundraising about diseases, floods, education in far flung areas and even religion. It is the best place to  raise some direly needed funds if you are running a charity to help other people


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