Crowdfunding platform; Dreams becoming true

jhgAre you trying to fulfill a dream of yours that you have in your mind, the dream of your life that will make you famous in the world? But you are running out of money to fulfill that dream? If that so than it is too late for that. All you have to do is turn on your computer and look out for Crowdfunding platform, sites where donations from different parts of the world by different people are gathered to fulfill your dream. Before you get started you should have proper knowledge about the crowdfunding sites that how to submit your project and all other processes. A number of crowdfunding sites are working, so you will have to choose a proper one which suits you perfectly. Usage of crowdfunding site is absolutely free and you will be charged when enough money for the project has been gathered.
For the sake of your knowledge some top crowdfunding sites with their features are listed as follow.

Kickstarter is one of most popular Crowdfunding platform known to be having raised $220 million from up to 6100 projects under its supervision. Thousands of investors explore its project list each second and selecting the most deserving project. Kickstarter only accept the major creative projects not charity or awareness campaigns etc.Project submission is easy and simple. Open the site and create an account where you fill the details of your project. Comprehensive detailing is encouraged. Once your project is submitted a crew will review your project and decide either to accept or reject the project. 5% of successful project is charged by kickstarter.

Indiegogo AGFH
From the word independence originated the name indiegogo is a Crowdfunding platform that aims at fulfilling your dream project without any difficulty. Indiegogo is site where charity, awareness campaigns and scholarships etc can also be done apart from major creative projects. 4% of successful project is charged with 3% credit card processing and additional $25 for non-US campaigns. Flexible funding is a special feature of indiegogo in which funds can be received even if your project is failed to collect the funding goal. 5% extra is charged for flexible funding and you can get the collected funds.

Another renowned site for crowd funding is RocketHub. Procedure for project submission is easy and simple and progress of your submitted project can be checked. FuelPad and LaunchPad are two ways of crowdfunding in RocketHub. FuelPad is for simple Crowdfunding platform whereas LaunchPad is way in which funding is done from renowned companies and markets. RocketHub charge 4% for successful project and 8% for unsuccessful projects with 4% charged for credit card processing.

GoFundMeCrowdfunding platform
GoFundMe is number four in the list. It is the simplest site where you can raise money for any cause even for yourself. That is the true donation where you can raise funds for a tour, medication of your pet or for studies etc. GoFundMe charge 5% from each donation of your project. WePay or PayPal can be used for processing of the payment with charge ranging from 2.9% to 3.5%.


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