Fundraising for Film Projects


raise money for film

Independent film makers oftentimes have many wonderful ideas that are never developed to fruition due to lack of money. Making a high quality film, even a short one, can be incredibly expensive. Between necessary equipment, production costs, and paying all of the necessary people from camera men to actors adds up quickly. Unless you have managed to secure backing through private investors, it will probably be necessary to find ways to raise money for film projects through more grassroots means.

While it can be more difficult to entice people to donate to film projects than to charities, it is not impossible. There are more and more people who are interested in supporting independent artists. The most important factor may well be in the creation of an effective pitch. If you expect people to give you money for a film project, you will need to be able to describe what you are doing in a way that makes people want to view the finished project. Taking the time to write a great description of your film, along with a detailed outline of what it will take to make it happen, is of the utmost importance. In this description, you will also want to provide a step by step timeline so potential d

onors will have a decent estimate about when to expect a finished product.

Online fundraising makes it much easier to raise sufficient money to bring your film to life. The best known fundraising site of artist projects is Kickstarter. One thing to keep in mind if you plan to use Kickstarter for your fundraising endeavors is that they are an all or nothing site. This means that if you don’t raise the full amount of money you need to complete your projec

t, you don’t get any of it. Kickstarter does this because the truth is that if you receive part of the money but not the full budget needed to carry out your project, the raise money for film may well go to waste. This is a disappointment for donors and leaves you in a very uncomfortable position. If you are going to go this route, it is all the more important that you come up with a truly fantastic description of your film project to make it stand out from the crowd.

In addition to your online fundraising efforts, creating local buzz is also nec

essary for the production of a successful independent film. Get involved in your local arts community. Attend grant writing workshops. Find out which local organizations love to sponsor talent such as yours.

If you are truly determined to produce a great film, you will find all sorts of creative ways to come up with money. Enlist friends to host a wine tasting party, pitch your film


raise money for film

, and possibly provide guests with a short play ve

rsion of one of the scenes. People love teasers and feeling like they are a part of something big that is about to happen. Involve your potential viewers and they will want you to succeed.


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