Best fundraising ideas

Best fundraising ideas

Best fundraising ideas

Fundraising can be quite a challenge even with the Best fundraising ideas in place but it becomes an even more uphill task if you don’t have an excellent and creative way of going about process. People hate monotony and drudgery and volunteers will be more willing to commit to a fundraising idea which is exciting and more rewarding. Therefore before you begin soliciting for those funds it is very important to come up with a very unique and unique fundraising idea which will capture people’s attention and inspire them to commit to your project. With a great fundraising idea, you can also attract an army of passionate volunteers willing to push your campaign to its final conclusion. Fundraising ideas do depend on the particular project which you are pushing and one size may not necessarily fit all. For example, a fundraising campaign for girls’ education may require a very different approach from one for example, which seeks to raise funds for a documentary project.  There are however some very unique fundraising ideas which cut across very diverse initiatives and can be used in almost any fundraising campaign. Here are some of the Best fundraising ideas which you can use to spice up your fundraisers:

Use the low-end events for your fundraisers

The tradition has always been to hold a high end cocktail party at high end hotels with special invitations to the “Who’s Whos”. One of the most effective ways which you can use to fund your charities is holding low end, low cost events while emphasizing that you will need every penny to fund your initiatives.

Using reverse raffles

Here again, you may deviate from conventions. Instead of selling raffle tickets on entry, you may issue free raffle tickets with winning raffle ticket holder being subjected to some light embarrassments such as being made to sing for the guests or wear some funny wig. Guests can then sell their raffle tickets to raise money for your campaign. The idea  is to make this very fun and enjoyable.

Direct Action Fundraising

One way to get people really involved in your fundraising initiative is to tie their donations directly to a component of your project.  For example instead of people making a “blind” contribution to your amorphous cause, they can engage in direct action fundraising such as contributing $25 to purchase books for a kid for one term or $50 to purchase diapers for an infant at a children’s home for two months and so on.

Pay to work

Some people do like to get directly involved in your initiat

Best fundraising ideas

Best fundraising ideas

ives and you can give them this opportunity by combining your fundraising initiatives with volunteerism. You may initiate a program in your organization where potential funders can pay a certain amount of fees to volunteer in your startup or

organization. It is usually more fulfilling

and many will not pass up the opportunity to play a role in your organization.  Other creative fundraising ideas include making use of certified mailing creative online games and much more.


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