Film creation: Beyond An art

 raise money for film. When one goes to the theatre to watch a movie, they don not see the amount of money spent on a single film. They see only the entertainment which they have paid to watch for. Behind every film lies a story of how the technicians suffered to raise money for film. The process of getting a producer or investor for a movie is not a cake walk. It has many loop holes in it. It is a field where the success ratio is not very high. The amount of risk taken in a movie is very high and this leads to the speculation amongst the investors as to whether their money will be back in their pockets or not. In the world today creativity is halted mainly because of lack of funds. Else the industry would see a rise in quality cinema long before.

So the question arises, what are the methods to raise money for film? The very first answer that would strike a normal human being is to ask the relatives and friends first.They are the ones who would provide encouragement and support. But as found in most cases the amount of money that is required to create a film is very high and the families can’t afford to lend so much. So they have no other choice but to venture in to other options. Before they can actually seek outside help, one has to come up with the exact cost that would be concurred during the completion of film. This would give a clear picture as to which mode would be the right way to raise money for film.

Certain ways are there to invoke funds, let us take a look into a few. Social lending sites are available at large these days. The crowd funding websites would help the movie makers in a long way. The idea of the film is to be put in the website and interested parties would provide funds if they are satisfied with the initial idea and work. The funding by investors online would mean that the money cannot be raised at a very higher scale.

Investors and Venture capitalist are the call of the day. These people are the major fund providers today. They can generate huge amount of money if they feel that the project is actually worth it and the returns could be attained. But since the stakes are high, the hold of the venture capitalist on the projects returns also will be high. Various private and public grants generating firms are available to enhance the concept to raise money for film. The competition to get grants from these firms also would be high and requires perseverance to penetrate. raise money for film.

For a normal viewer of a movie, it seems as if it’s easy to create a movie. But it takes lots of perseverance and capital to make it succeed. It is just like another business where money invested is to be taken back with huge profits. Film is an art indeed, but a costly affair as well.


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